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Benefit from predefined and customized training that cover a wide range of topics within the platform that will help enable and ensure your optimum business outcomes.

Formal Training

Basic User Training

  • Source collection workflow
  • Collection best practices
  • Basic search and functionality
  • Viewing resources
  • Exporting

Advanced User Training

  • Deep-dive on search features
  • Resource tagging
  • Advanced search
  • Cloud transfer exports
  • Smart alerts
  • Preservation / In-place Preservation

Administrator Training

  • User and group management
  • Admin preferences
  • Collection strategies
  • Workspace management
  • Sharing data in Onna
  • Authorized connections
  • SAML configuration

General Training

  • Search and export training
  • Collections and preservations
  • Exporting and cloud transfers


  • Workshop: Information governance
  • Workshop: eDiscovery workflow & playbook

Certifications (Coming Soon)

Additional Services