Microsoft Purview + Onna: Rethinking data collection from your MSFT 365 environment


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    While the interconnected nature of Microsoft 365 can be a dream for employee productivity, it poses significant challenges for IT and corporate legal teams when it comes to collecting and governing data. From retention and compliance to security and privacy, there’s much to learn about the M365 environment.

    In this webinar, we discussed:

    • Where data is stored in M365 and why this matters
    • Native features and limitations in Microsoft Purview for data discovery, compliance, and information governance
    • How to effectively and defensibly preserve, collect, process, and review data housed within your M365 tools
    • Taking a holistic approach to data collection and management from hybrid environments like Zoom, Confluence, Zendesk, and more


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    Featured speakers

    Doug Austin

    Editor, eDiscovery Today

    Jose Lazares

    Chief Product Officer, Onna

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