The IT Manager's guide to measuring the impact of data management

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    IT Managers face constant pressure not only to manage data but also prove the value their data management strategies bring to the business. With tightening regulations and burgeoning interest in AI and ML technologies, effective data management is no longer optional — it's crucial for staying compliant, secure, and competitive.

    This guide helps IT Managers like you to take a proactive approach to data management by not only focusing on avoiding incidents but also showcasing the effectiveness of your data governance initiatives through measurable outcomes.

    You'll discover:

    • How to measure the success of your data management efforts using key performance indicators that help you assess both qualitative and quantitative aspects of your strategy
    • What specific metrics to track to improve regulatory compliance, reduce costs, enhance productivity, and secure confidential information
    • Why it's critical to continuously analyze and refine your data management program to adapt to technological changes and sustain a culture that values strong data governance

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