Maximizing the value of unstructured data for the enterprise

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    What asset goes unused in four-fifths of businesses?

    Unstructured data.

    Gartner reveals that 80% to 90% of all enterprise data is unstructured, but only 18% of organizations are taking advantage of it. Messaging apps (Slack, Teams, etc.), email, text files, customer feedback, and other unstructured data create a wealth of untapped value. This information can be used to uncover hidden insights, fuel strategic decision-making, improve governance, and identify new business opportunities.

    In this webinar, we cover:

    • What unstructured data is and where it lives
    • Why managing unstructured data is important
    • Common challenges of unstructured data management
    • The benefits of extracting insights from unstructured data
    • How to start managing and maximizing the value of your unstructured data

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    Ali Khan

    Chief Information Security Officer, Better

    Jose Lazares

    Chief Product Officer, Onna

    Shannon Smith

    VP of Engineering, Onna

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