Mastering data migration: From chaos to clarity

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    Data consolidation is a critical outcome of any successful data migration strategy, but with the rapid increase in data volumes and the proliferation of new data sources from workplace applications, it has become a challenging task for many IT and legal teams.

    Watch this webinar to learn how a centralized view of all your data is crucial to improving data accessibility, reducing duplication and errors, enhancing decision-making, improving data governance, and more effectively managing data risks and complying with regulatory requirements.

    In this session, you'll learn:

    • Why data migration and consolidation are essential for eDiscovery 
    • Common data migration challenges and how to avoid them
    • The key steps involved in planning and executing a successful data migration project
    • How to plan your data migration: Strategy and verification

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    Eddie Salce

    Architect in Professional Services at Onna

    Jacob Wild

    Enterprise Account Executive at Onna

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