Unlock the value of your unstructured data

    Simplify how you manage increasing amounts of data from your digital workplace tools. Onna integrates complex, unstructured data from sources like Slack, Google, Microsoft, Confluence, and more. Centralize, manage, and unlock the value of your data.


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    Bring data together in one single-service platform

    We make it easy to centralize your proprietary information by connecting directly to your tech stack via no-code connectors, so your team can search, organize, collect, and manage data at scale.

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    "The layout and functionality of the software are very intuitive. It shows real thought went into the platform as it was designed. It was better than previous, less stable solutions."




    Adapt Onna to your business

    Save resources by adapting Onna to meet your business needs, whether it's to support eDiscovery, manage information governance, or build secure AI data pipelines.