eDiscovery in the Cloud

    Conducting eDiscovery in the cloud has its challenges, but the right approach can make all the difference.


    Finding the needle in the haystack

    As dynamic and ephemeral tools, each with its own set of governance features, cloud apps can throw even the most seasoned eDiscovery professional for a loop when an investigation or litigation arises.

    Whether you’ve already had your fair share of fire drills or are just learning the ropes, reexamining your cloud eDiscovery approach today can help you find what you need faster when it matters most.

    Our free guide breaks down:

    • Why eDiscovery in the cloud is so complex
    • How to assemble your eDiscovery task force
    • How to vet your cloud apps from a governance perspective
    • What to look for in an eDiscovery tool
    • Tackling a wider enterprise data fragmentation issue

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