Onna helps you find the information relevant to your case in real-time, in one place. Automate your eDiscovery collections from major cloud apps, whether on the web or behind the firewall.


Onna seamlessly integrates with the most common cloud apps

Collect from a growing number of data integrations, including enterprise sources, like G Suite and Micrososft 365. Onna's eDiscovery capabilities makes data identification, collection, and processing automatic. Start analyzing your documents from anywhere within 2 minutes.

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Instantly identify files

Conduct an initial assessment of your case by understanding the contents of your unstructured data. Onna provides pre-trained categories to immediately identify document types, like contracts, from all files found across your cloud apps. 

Targeted search

Onna automatically processes all of your data with natural language processing and OCR to make it fully searchable. You can search using text modifiers, and our pre-trained categories. 

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Collaborate with Groups

Invite others from your legal department, outside counsel, or service provider to Onna. By letting you configure granular user and access levels, you can easily work on e-discovery collections and share relevant data to the case in real-time.

Export to review

Once you have filtered the data you need to review, you can export it from Onna to review platforms, like Relativity. Users can export data in csv, dat or custom text files.


The core mission of Onna is to give our customers insight into their data in a safe and secure environment. We follow a software development process that includes security at its core.

Our developers adhere to industry accepted best practices and standards defined by NIST 800-53, SANS, and OWASP.

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A true enterprise product

We are flexible and will work with you in whichever environment you choose. You can deploy Onna as an on-premise application on your own servers, without any internet dependencies, or deploy it in a private cloud infrastructure.

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