Declutter your data: Strategies for efficient data retention & risk reduction

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    In an era where data is often referred to as the “new oil,” an abundance of it can lead to unexpected challenges. Back in 2012, IDC estimated that information workers spent an average of 9.4 hours per week simply sifting through documents. Today, with the proliferation of apps and a variety of data sources, the situation has become even more disordered, leading to increasingly fragmented and hard-to-locate data.

    However, the challenges aren't just organizational. Large pools of data heighten your risk of cyber-attacks. By 2022, the staggering average cost of a data breach had climbed to $4.45 million. This figure doesn't even account for potential legal and reputational damages. Furthermore, as data volume grows, so do the costs associated with managing it — especially in the realms of litigation, due diligence, and regulatory compliance.

    Now, it’s more essential than ever for businesses to have a firm grasp on their data. This means protecting crucial data, ensuring compliance with record retention standards, and wisely discarding what’s redundant. But how can one navigate this complex terrain? During this webinar, we’ll guide you through data retention best practices and provide you with a downloadable data retention policy template, complete with a spreadsheet. This will detail retention specifics for new and prominent apps, helping you organize and gain a clearer understanding of your data’s lifecycle.

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    Allison Keane

    Manager of Solutions Architects at Onna

    Genaro Lopez

    Information Governance Lead at Google

    Angie Nolet

    Senior Corporate Counsel of Litigation at Redfin

    Collin Miller

    Managing Director at FTO Consulting