Data management: A year in review and predictions for 2024

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    Expanding sources and volumes of ESI, evolving regulatory requirements, and new opportunities presented by AI-powered tools are prompting many businesses to reassess how they govern, secure, and leverage their data.

    As the end of the year approaches, we’ve assembled an expert panel to review the impact of technological advancements like generative AI and other key trends on data management. We’ll then venture into the future, offering predictions and valuable insights that businesses can use to prepare for the challenges that await in 2024.

    This webinar explores:

    • Key developments and trends that influenced data management in 2023
    • Predictions for the legal industry in 2024
    • Useful tips for aligning your data management strategy with emerging trends for 2024 and beyond

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    Shannon Smith

    CTO at Onna

    Warren Kruse

    VP, Data Forensics & Preservation at UnitedLex

    Anna Simpson

    Senior Director, Product Management - Compliance & Governance at Box

    Tom Stephenson

    VP, Community & Legal Operations at Legal.io