Balancing offensive and defensive governance strategies for generative AI

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    Organizations considering the internal use of generative AI must balance their desire for innovation with a responsible approach to accessing enterprise data.

    In this webinar, Kelly Griswold, CEO of Onna, along with Michele Goetz, VP Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Travis Bricker, Senior Program Manager of Legal at Coinbase, discuss the evolving landscape of data governance in light of generative AI initiatives.

    This session highlights:

    • A comprehensive discussion on the intersection of data governance and generative AI
    • How organizations approach generative AI, including security and privacy considerations for curating data
    • A four-step framework for initiating the use of generative AI with proprietary data

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    Kelly Griswold

    CEO at Onna

    Michele Goetz

    VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester

    Travis Bricker

    Senior Program Manager, Legal at Coinbase