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    Swiftly collect and export information from entire Confluence sites and individual spaces.

    About this connector

    Confluence is a web-based corporate wiki used to help teams collaborate and share knowledge efficiently. Onna connects directly with Confluence’s API to collect all data, metadata, and linked Confluence pages one level deep from entire Confluence sites and individual spaces in native format. Onna supports Confluence Cloud and Server version 5.7 and up.

    With Onna + Confluence connector, you can:

    OOB Confluence

    Connect out-of-the-box

    Leverage a no-code, simple UI that helps you get started quickly and easily without needing IT resources.


    Work faster

    Use federated search to surface specific content from entire Confluence sites or individual spaces, including HTML page content, comments, and attachments.


    Capture context

    Collect labels for attachments and pages, including their ancestors, and capture links up to one level deep to other Confluence pages.


    Get specific

    Collect historical information and related metadata, including: page author, created by/on, last updated by/on, and previous version created by/on.


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