This connector will be in open beta until January 2024.

    As a dedicated Slack partner, Onna is committed to delivering the best possible experience for all Slack users. 

    Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Onna supports Slack JSON uploads. Now, Slack users with any plan (Pro, Business+, or Enterprise Grid) can upload and review point-in-time exports in Onna. 

    When you upload Slack JSON data into Onna, our powerful processing engine captures the data details needed for eDiscovery and other sensitive use cases. We process message and revision data from public channels, private channels, threads, and direct messages (DMs). Onna’s granular indexing capabilities capture text, images, GIFs, and emojis from all conversations. Data uploaded into Onna through the Slack JSON connector is displayed in a digestible format, ready for easy exporting and review.


    Just like other connectors, simply add the Slack JSON connector to a Workspace in Onna and start uploading Slack JSON data right away. 


    Point-in-time uploads vs. continuous data syncs

    In addition to our Slack JSON connector, which makes it easy for you to review point-in-time data, Onna also offers connectors that use Slack’s Discovery API to enable continuous data syncs.

    Point-in-time data collection is an excellent option for one-time data uploads. It’s more manual, but can also be more cost-effective. Continuous syncs are automatic and ensure access to constantly refreshed data, which supports real-time searches and data monitoring.

    Depending on your Slack plan, business requirements, and budget, Onna’s adaptable platform allows you to collect Slack data in a way that best fits your business needs.

    Streamlined data management

    Onna continues to innovate to provide powerful and user-friendly solutions for today’s organizations. By centralizing your Slack data with other data sources, you can create comprehensive, curated datasets for eDiscovery, LLMs, and more.

    Ready to get started? If you're an existing Onna customer, reach out to your Onna representative to enjoy no-cost access to our Slack JSON connector. If you're new to Onna, request a demo today.

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