As the new season approaches, we’re rolling out new product enhancements to streamline your workflows. Today, we’re excited to introduce the latest batch of updates to Onna’s discovery connector for Slack Enterprise Grid plans, allowing for even greater visibility and control over your organization’s Slack data.

    Slack canvas

    A canvas is your place in Slack to create, organize, collaborate, and share fully-formatted content. Whether it's text, files, apps, or rich media, canvases are designed to neatly display information in a single, searchable view.

    Onna now collects canvases from Slack Enterprise, encompassing text, images, links, and specific canvas metadata.



    Slack huddles

    With Slack’s huddle feature, you can initiate an audio or video huddle in a direct message or channel and interact with teammates via screen sharing, message threads, or even emoji reactions. Onna can now collect data from Slack huddles, including messages exchanged during the call, as well as critical metadata like the huddle initiator, timestamp, and URL.



    Slack custom emojis

    Let's face it: emoji reactions spice up our workdays. With Slack, not only can you use standard emojis, but you can also create your own custom ones to personalize communication even further. Check out a few of our favorite custom emojis at Onna:


    During the initial sync, Onna can collect not just the standard Slack emoji reactions but also your custom emoji reactions.



    Slack GIFs

    We can't discuss Slack without mentioning GIFs. The Giphy app offers users access to a vast library of animated GIFs to share within Slack. Once you integrate Giphy into your workspace, any member can easily share GIFs in conversations using the shortcuts menu. Now, Onna can capture not just the GIF URL, but also the file itself.



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