Today we’re excited to launch a brand new learning platform called OnnAcademy: a suite of on-demand courses that are designed to equip our customers and partners with the necessary skills and knowledge to optimize their use of Onna.

    When a new technology platform is purchased, one of the top priorities is to learn how to use it effectively and efficiently. According to Forbes, having a multi-faceted approach to learning can help accommodate different learning styles and preferences. 

    At Onna, we recognize the importance of empowering our customers and partners with the skills and resources necessary to become better at their jobs and maximize their use of our platform. This is why we’re thrilled to introduce OnnAcademy, a 24/7 on-demand learning platform that caters to the diverse learning needs of our customers and partners. 

    What is OnnAcademy?

    OnnAcademy is a self-service training tool that Onna customers and partners can utilize to maximize their investment and achieve their goals quickly. OnnAcademy provides users with a way to learn how to use the platform and get their questions answered without requiring an Onna Expert (PSO/CS/Support) to guide them. OnnAcademy offers several features, including:

    • Immediate answers to questions through on-demand training
    • Training on every Onna feature through more than 25 courses
    • Four expertly curated learning plans to guide users from beginner to expert quickly
      • Core User Training
      • Advanced User Training
      • Core Admin Training
      • Advanced Admin Training
    • Different learning modes, including written documentation and video tutorials
    • An a la carte option, allowing users to select precisely what content they need to get their questions answered quickly

    Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 12.23.37 PM


    At the onset, OnnAcademy will offer Core Administration and User Training, but it will expand to include training on all new product updates.

    What is the value of OnnAcademy?

    Traditionally, Onna users have relied on our Customer Service and Support teams, as well as the Jumpstart Package, to learn how to best use the platform. Before the introduction of OnnAcademy, users had three options to get answers on how to perform a task in Onna: 1) contacting Support, 2) contacting CS, or 3) digging through support documentation.

    However, these options were not always the most efficient use of time. Here's why: If new users didn't have an immediate need to implement what they learned, they often forgot it. Even if they could apply the training immediately, it was challenging for them to recall everything they learned. Additionally, new employees needed to quickly get up to speed on the platform.

    Fortunately, OnnAcademy simplifies core training by breaking it down into bite-sized, manageable chunks. This approach enables users to meet their specific needs in real-time and on their own timeline, promoting greater efficiency.

    Get started with OnnAcademy

    Our vision for OnnAcademy is ambitious: we aspire to empower our customers and partners, enabling them to become experts in their field, leading their teams with confidence, and fostering a sense of community where their voices are heard.

    Whether you're a new or seasoned user of Onna, utilizing the resources available in OnnAcademy can greatly enhance your experience. To get started, follow these steps to register for an account:

    1. Visit
    2. Click on the ‘register’ link located at the bottom of the screen
    3. Fill out the registration form

    You can also refer to our User Guide for more detailed instructions.

    At Onna, we aim to create a more flexible and equitable way of working by shaping and rethinking the way businesses use data. To learn more about our platform, take a quick tour today.

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