Improves access to Microsoft and other third-party application data from within a single, self-service solution 

    New York and Barcelona — 03 August, 2021: Onna, the world’s first Knowledge Integration Platform, today announced key enhancements to its Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Exchange connectors, strengthening customers’ ability to find, access, and protect their Microsoft and other third-party application data, all in one place. 

    Onna’s connectors enable granular, API-based integrations with the most popular collaboration and productivity tools, extracting, then processing and indexing all available data and metadata to give organizations a full and contextualized view of their corporate knowledge. 

    With these Microsoft connector enhancements, Onna customers can extend collections across the entire scope of Microsoft Teams instant messaging, including one-to-one chats, group chats and channel messages, along with any shared attachments, reactions and emojis. This also includes collecting messages from custodians even if they are inactive  participants within a Teams chat or channel. The Microsoft Exchange connector has been enhanced to more rapidly collect a higher volume of email accounts, better enabling both case-specific collections and the ongoing syncing and archiving of email data.

    “The use of Microsoft Teams skyrocketed in 2020, and, as remote and hybrid working have become permanent fixtures of our world today, its popularity isn’t slowing down,” said Salim Elkhou, founder and CEO at Onna. “Businesses must think about what this means for their information governance obligations, particularly for legal teams who must be able to easily discover and collect Microsoft data for litigation and investigations, and for the IT teams tasked with supporting these requests.”

    Collaboration data, including from Microsoft Teams, is increasingly becoming a standard request for submission during the eDiscovery process. Some eDiscovery capabilities are built into E3 and E5 licenses for Office 365 and Microsoft 365 but they primarily only capture Microsoft data, which doesn’t support the nearly 80 percent of businesses who are supplementing their Microsoft solutions with additional best-of-breed apps like Zoom and Slack.

    Elkhou continued, “With connectors for the most popular workplace applications, Onna is ideally placed to defensibly capture the totality of data that modern businesses generate, beyond Microsoft alone. Bringing these data sources together within a single, self-service platform that is powerful yet simple to use empowers legal specialists to take a more proactive approach to eDiscovery, while minimizing support requests for IT teams.”

    In addition to collecting both Microsoft and third-party data, Onna offers several other benefits for customers who need additional capabilities over those built into Microsoft. These include enhanced risk mitigation by holding Microsoft data in a separate archive from customers’ primary data store to minimize data loss and corruption; fast, intuitive, high-performance search that can be queried instantly across all applications at once; and deep indexing and classification for more complete and defensible collections, processing and search. 

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    About Onna

    Onna integrates knowledge from all workplace applications, allowing anyone to unify, protect, search, automate, and build on top of their organization’s proprietary knowledge. With the rise of cloud-based and hosted workplace apps, knowledge is extremely fragmented and difficult to access in most organizations, costing businesses huge amounts of time and money in searching for their own information. 

    Onna’s Machine Learning-based Knowledge Integration Platform can be connected to any

    cloud or on-premise application, including Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, Dropbox, Salesforce, and many more. It supports eDiscovery, information governance, knowledge management, archiving, monitoring for private and sensitive data sharing, and building bespoke internal workflow apps using proprietary information.

    With headquarters in New York City and Barcelona and teams in Raleigh, San Francisco, Toulouse, and London, Onna supports some of the world’s leading companies, including Dropbox, Electronic Arts, Fitbit, Lyft, NewsCorp, and Slack. Onna has raised $43M from investors, including Atomico, Dawn Capital, Dropbox, and Slack Fund. To learn more, visit

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