Nowadays, all of our data lives in the Cloud. But what actually is the Cloud? Where does our data live? And how do our applications access it? From user roles and permissions to APIs and security, the Onna team is breaking down the mystery of the Cloud and the important role it plays in eDiscovery.

    Hosted by Onna’s very own Head of Customer Success, Nicole Thompson, and Senior Support Engineer, Jonathan Golad, this short 30-minute webinar explores foundational concepts for legal and IT professionals everywhere.

    Our major takeaways:

    • Work with your IT department to understand your company’s security policies.
    • Connect with business stakeholders on how the cloud can support the bottom line.
    • Keep tabs on where you share your Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
    • Be mindful of rate limits.
    • Understand that cloud apps can help your business tremendously, but they must be used responsibly.

    Watch the full clip below!

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