If you work in IT, legal, HR, or any other department, you undoubtedly rely on fast, and ideally, automated processes. That's why we consistently invest in enhancing our no-code connectors and platform experience, enabling teams to drive efficiency at scale so they can focus on the work that matters most.

    Today, we're thrilled to share that, in addition to faster Gmail processing speeds in our Google Workspace connector, Onna now collects deleted messages and files from Google Vault. This enhancement allows enterprise IT and legal operations teams to further streamline their data management processes by utilizing a single workflow that spans the most commonly used Google Workspace apps: Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Vault.

    Onna’s Google Workspace connector: What's new?

    Our latest upgrades to Onna’s Google Workspace connector were driven by a threefold aim: simplify the process, enhance efficiency, and optimize costs.

    Feature highlights:

    • Simplified collection across Google data sources: Execute targeted collections for multiple users with ease using a single workflow. With Onna, you're not confined to searching one Google service at a time as you would be with Vault. Instead, you can simultaneously:
      • Collect email messages, attachments, and labels from Gmail
      • Retrieve files from Google Drive, including Sheets, Docs, Forms, Slides, and Jamboard
      • Access deleted content from Google Vault, such as deleted Google Drive files, Gmail messages, and discarded Gmail drafts


    • Improved efficiency with precision tools: Eliminate manual tasks and reduce errors with Onna’s advanced search, filter, and tagging functions. Easily differentiate between deleted and active content using multiple identification methods. Accelerate early case assessments and cull review data sets, potentially decreasing data exports by up to 50%.

    • Optimized archive costs with instant preservation: Google Vault users are currently charged a monthly fee ranging from $4 to $10 per user for storing and maintaining archived accounts. With Onna’s Data Management Platform, you can not only maximize the value of your archived user data but also save on archived user licenses. Simply migrate your old archived account data to Onna and enjoy the advantages.

    Each update we introduce aims to bolster legal and IT teams' capability to strategize data management proactively, and our upgraded Google Workspace connector is no exception.

    Give our upgraded Google Workspace connector a try for yourself by logging in to your Onna account or check out our documentation for more information.

    Not sure where to start? Book a demo to walk through how Onna can be used to fit your specific needs. 

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