The ever-changing landscape of GDPR & CCPA has made it challenging for organizations around the world to establish proper data retention policies. With CCPA going into full effect, companies are scrambling to wrangle in their scattered data and ensure its compliance.

    Joined by Carnival Cruise & Ally Financial, this 60-minute webinar explores the challenges compliance regulations have created, data policy best practices, and how to proactively create an effective data retention policy that prepares you for GDPR, CCPA, and future regulations to come.

    Scroll to the bottom to watch the recording on-demand.

    Our major takeaways:

    • The key to creating a successful data retention program is assembling the right team and involving as many other departments as possible to ensure you are covering all your bases.
    • When categorizing your data, start with bigger buckets vs. granular categories to apply them to different data sets with your team.
    • At a minimum, you should be reviewing your data policies once a year.
    • There’s a growing importance on focusing not only on customer data, but employee data as well when it comes to DSARs.
    • Data should be kept only as long as it is useful and is business-critical data.


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