At Onna, we're big on collaboration — not just within our team but, more importantly, with our valued community of customers. We design every feature, implement every upgrade, and launch every connector as a testament to our commitment to solving real problems and exceeding user expectations. We don't just listen to your feedback — we actively let it shape the Onna platform.

    Today, continuing with this collaborative ethos, we’re excited to expand our list of out-of-the-box connectors by introducing our latest integration for Workplace from Meta.

    With Onna’s Workplace from Meta connector, you can collect data from posts created in groups, events, and user profiles. Robust indexing capabilities capture essential details, including comments, reactions, 'seen by' data, and attachment metadata. Data is presented in Onna in a user-friendly HTML web page format.

    blog-image-introducing-onnas-workplace-from-meta-connectorHow a conversation with a post, comments, and reactions looks in Onna.

    Like other Onna connectors, the Workplace from Meta connector includes the following capabilities so you can confidently collect the data you need:

    • Easy implementation with no-code collections
    • Flexible configuration parameters
    • High-quality data extraction through rich indexing
    • Read-only configuration access for approved business users
    • Stringent security measures to safeguard your data

    Try the new Workplace from Meta connector for free

    ​​If you’re an existing Onna customer, reach out to your Onna representative to enjoy no-cost access to our Workplace connector.

    Or, if you’re just getting started, request a demo today.

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