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Transform fragmented information silos that create risk into a centralized, search-ready repository of knowledge to support better decision-making, employee knowledge sharing, and policy compliance.

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Data silos create risk and waste

Your increasingly remote workforce generates a colossal amount of valuable information across a growing number of disconnected cloud apps that are used for collaboration, communication and content. While the apps improve productivity for your team, the resulting information silos introduce risk, waste time and money, and limit your ability to leverage the information to grow.


Extract knowledge from today’s remote work applications

Onna's Knowledge Integration Platform enables you to accelerate the discovery of knowledge that is essential to multiple business functions and initiatives. You can automatically capture cloud app data from Slack, Teams, Google Workspace, Zoom and many others in a centralized, real-time, search-ready repository. Multiple processing engines, including machine learning, help transform your data into actionable knowledge and insights. Preservation and retention policies mean you can keep exactly what you need for as long as required according to your information governance policies.

Additional Benefits:

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    Instant search

    Quickly uncover the truth for investigations, make faster and better decisions by understanding the context of a conversation, find sensitive data like PII, and get straight to the heart of a matter with powerful yet simple search.

    How streamlines enterprise investigations
  • Quote: "I was able to jump right in as if I had been using it for years." -Jeff, Lead Analyst,

    Built for self-service

    Empower teams with the ability to easily find what they need themselves, without relying on IT or other specialists.

    Aligning your team for the future of cloud collaboration
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    Collect once, use many times

    Save time and money by collecting and processing information once, then using it multiple times for different purposes.

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    Native viewing

    Find and view content in near-native format, including edits and deletions made at the source, for an accurate view of content and conversations.

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    Secure sharing

    Share information with authorized internal or external stakeholders to improve collaboration, knowledge sharing and decision making.

    How to maintain CCPA compliance in the cloud
  • Quote: "With Onna, we have more predictive [export] costs and can offer client better estimates." - Joe, Forensic Technology & Consulting

    Granular exports

    Take action on insights with the ability to pinpoint what’s needed and easily export to use in downstream tools such as review and compliance platforms.

    Slack exports for eDiscovery: What are my options?

Knowledge Integration Platform

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