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Turn your fragmented information into clear actionable insights that can save time and money, reduce risk, and grow your organization.

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Power is great, if you can access it

Knowledge provides your organization with the context, clarity, evidence, and truth you need to make better decisions, capture new opportunities and support employee productivity. But, this power depends on your ability to discover information – a growing challenge as your information is spread across an increasing number of collaboration, communication and content apps.


Onna accelerates the discovery of knowledge so you can:

  • Create a secure repository to unify and preserve organizational knowledge
  • Search and build on top of your proprietary knowledge
  • Use your organizational knowledge to be more competitive, identify and reduce risk, and boost efficiency and productivity
  • Complement a defensive information governance posture that controls information, with an offensive knowledge discovery posture that drives growth

Innovators can use Onna for:

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    Proactive eDiscovery readiness

    Respond faster and more confidently to litigation, internal investigations, audits and more, with a centralized, search-ready repository of knowledge at your fingertips.

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    Unlocking contract intelligence

    Collect, process and accurately classify contracts to reduce risk and inefficiencies, optimize business relationships, and support M&A or contract centralization efforts.

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    Mitigating risks of The Great Resignation

    Offboard employees without offboarding valuable organizational knowledge while onboarding new team members faster with selective, secure knowledge transfer.

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    Sentiment analysis

    Search for emoji reactions and phrases in employee communications to aid wider sentiment analysis projects or internal investigations.

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    Policy and regulatory compliance

    Mitigate risk of PII and other sensitive data being shared by knowing the who, when, and where involved

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