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Contract Discovery & Classification

Identify, centralize and build insights into your organization’s contracts to better manage risk, reduce inefficiencies, optimize business relationships and learn from previous negotiations.

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Contracts: Needles in the knowledge haystack

Contracts are the lifeblood of business, but many organizations don’t know what’s in them or where to find them. They are often “lost” or hidden across multiple repositories, folders, and cloud apps, leading to blind spots that expose operational and compliance risks, create unnecessary re-work, and make implementing an effective contract management system virtually impossible.


Unlock the value of your contracts

Onna helps by discovering and collecting large volumes of contracts from multiple sources in one place, and applying a combination of powerful machine learning and proven process so you can:

  • Dedupe and extract actionable contract classifiers including contract type, executed versus draft agreements, jurisdiction, renewal terms, commercial value and foreign language.
  • Rapidly search and pinpoint contracts augmented with detailed metadata.
  • Prepare for a new contract management system, support M&A, eDiscovery, compliance or other needs more effectively.
  • Automate and speed up an otherwise lengthy manual process while maintaining a very high level of accuracy.

Onna Contract Discovery & Classification

Additional Benefits:

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    Out-of-the-box connectors

    Get out of the gates fast using Onna’s pre-built connectors to the most popular communication, collaboration and content apps including Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

    Connect to your most important apps
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    Rapid insights

    Multi-level processing engines including file type analysis and OCR, and purpose-built machine learning metadata classification help you answer questions like “what contracts over $1m with an auto-renewal clause are coming up in the next 90 days?”.

    How ML & AI can cut your Slack collections in half
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    Centralize and search

    With all your contracts in one place, use granular search to cull down to only the ones that matter, and facilitate workflows for compliance, due diligence, investigations, eDiscovery and more.

    Integrate information silos into a knowledge repository
  • Quote: "I was able to jump right in as if I had been using it for years." -Jeff, Lead Analyst,

    Built for self-service

    Empower teams with the ability to easily find and view contracts themselves, without relying on IT or other specialists.

    Aligning your team for the future of cloud collaboration
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    Export & share

    Easily export contracts from Onna to your chosen downstream tools, such as a contract lifecycle management system, or share securely with internal or external third parties.

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