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Application Consolidation

Minimize cost and risk associated with application and data sprawl, and eliminate unnecessary complexity with a more streamlined approach to application consolidation that helps ensure data integrity and access.

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Applications, applications everywhere!

Digital transformation programs have resulted in considerable productivity and efficiency gains for all types and sizes of organization. Many new apps are in use as a result of shadow IT, acquisition/merger, remote work and the pandemic, and business expansion. The result: multiple instances of an application, old platforms needing to be moved to newer tech stacks, or simply too many overlapping tools that are costly to license and manage, and can lead to increased data breach and compliance risks.


Streamline application consolidation

With Onna, you can connect directly to communication, collaboration and content applications, or to third-party stores like Amazon S3, to collect and process the data as part of a consolidation project. Multiple processing engines, including machine learning, help dedupe and extract content metadata, while indexing makes the information instantly searchable. Keep the data in Onna to retire an application, or stage and cleanse it for exporting when consolidating global instances of an application, driving a post-merger integration program or migrating legacy apps to the cloud.

Additional Benefits:

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    Out-of-the-box connectors

    Connect and collect data instantly from many popular applications including Slack, Google Workspace, Teams, Exchange, Zendesk and Confluence, as well as cloud storage repositories like Amazon S3.

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    Comprehensive search and native-format viewing

    Find information instantly and see it in near-native contextual format within Onna, helping you to retire an application while maintaining access to the data.

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    Real-time data synchronization

    Support an iterative approach to consolidation or migration by maintaining a real-time copy of data in Onna while the source is still in place, in preparation for a cutover once data is moved.

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    Data preservation

    Support litigation or internal investigations by preserving data in Onna to protect against deletion or spoliation while being able to retire the source applications or instances.

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    Data minimization

    Find data beyond your retention policies to support data minimization efforts and reduce the volume of data needing to be migrated or exported to the desired location.

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