Monitoring PII across multiple platforms

The IT department of a major health insurance company was worried their employees were inadvertently sharing PII over Outlook and Slack. While they had policies in place that were supposed to guide employees on where to store this type of information, they still wanted to have a way to be alerted in case anything was shared where it wasn’t supposed to.


Onna can be used to set up smart alerts across any of the integrations that it offers. Smart alerts are based on conditions and actions. For PII, this company set up an alert that would email users across their compliance team regarding the presence of documents that contained a series of numbers that could be a SSN. These can also be set up for documents that contain certain words that companies want to look out for in their documents.


The company used Onna to search across sources that shouldn’t contain PII and also set up a recurring search for the future. The company mitigated risk by creating an alert to investigate documents potentially going against their retention policy.


  • Take action faster – automatically receive an alert when there may be a potentially risky file
  • Simplify information management by having triggers run across multiple sources  
  • Mitigate risk: Have triggers set in place to alert you when information is potentially out of place