Retain all the data you need and nothing you don’t

Keep track of what matters. Retain, search, and export your information across all your applications from one centralized database.

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Automated data retention & information archiving

Archiving powered by machine learning technologies for your entire tech stack to centralize & automate the retention of all your key data.

  • Automate Retention Policies

    Automatically preserve historical and future content with a few clicks and leverage our machine learning technologies for smart data retention eliminating ROT.

  • Defensible Archiving

    Preserve not only your data, but also all your related metadata for each file. Each data archive comes with audit logs for extra defensibility.

  • Enhanced Search

    Build advanced search queries across 1000+ file types & metadata fields and leverage machine learning to find exactly what you need instantly.

  • Targeted Collections

    Reduce costs by archiving only what you need. Select the scope of preservation, filter and preserve data based on individual users, folders, channels, or dates.

  • API Based Connections

    We offer integrations to the most popular collaboration & productivity tools, ensuring you extract all available data and metadata, as well as preserve edited and deleted content.

  • Real-time Access

    Set your sources to continuously sync data to maintain and access up-to-date versions of all your information at all times.

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