TransPerfect Legal Solutions Streamlines Collection and Processing for Clients with Onna


Onna usage results:
Onna cuts the steps it takes to process, collect and export Slack data in half.

Renowned legal services provider, TransPerfect Legal Solutions (TLS), helps organizations across the globe manage their data throughout the discovery process. From eDiscovery consultation to data collection and forensic analysis, the TLS team supports thousands of companies throughout every step of the litigation lifecycle. Named #1 Data Recovery Solution by The National Law Journal this year, TLS is always looking for ways to improve their clients’ experiences by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. TLS is a great example of how implementing a tool like Onna can lead to time saved, money saved, and satisfied clients.

The Challenge

TLS saw a massive uptick in eDiscovery requests for cloud-based collaboration platforms such as Confluence, Jira, and Slack. When performing data collections from these complex platforms, the team would either export from the user interface, develop a script to collect through an API or purchase a third-party tool. Even still, they were continually disappointed by the native exports. Due to the volume of dynamic data being extracted, the exports were delivered in disorganized formats that lacked defensibility and were difficult to decipher. Not only did this make finding the right information difficult, but the exported formats were not suitable for legal review.

The Solution

TLS implemented Onna to help resolve the issues it was finding with traditional processing and exports. TLS was able to seamlessly connect Onna to their clients’ Confluence, Jira, and Slack workspaces and simultaneously process their data in real-time.

With Onna, the TLS team was able to merge two steps of the eDiscovery process together, subsequently saving time and allowing the team to get relevant evidence out the door in a pinch. Better yet, the TLS team was able to export data directly into clients’ personal review platforms, so the relevant legal teams could get exactly what they needed at a much faster pace.

Onna Case Study Confluence, Jira, and Slack Graphic

The Results

Onna cuts the steps it takes to process, collect and export Slack data in half. Onna streamlines collection from multiple platforms by running the process in one place, which in turn, results in consistently preserved native formats.

“In the past, we would rely on manual exports from the cloud software’s interface, which usually took considerable hours that we would bill to the client hourly. With Onna, we have more predictive costs and can offer the client better estimates.”
Joe Pochron | President of Forensic Technology & Consulting
TransPerfect Legal Solutions