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Our Knowledge Integration Platform enables top law firms and consultants to find the information they're looking for instantly, no matter where it lives. Search and export data from applications like Slack in a matter of minutes.

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  • Instantly identify files

    Conduct an initial assessment of your case by understanding the contents of your unstructured data. We provide pre-trained categories to immediately identify document types, like contracts, from all files found across your applications.

  • Targeted Search

    We automatically process and OCR your data making it fully searchable to conduct more targeted searches.

  • Collaboration & Sharing

    Invite people from your legal department, outside counsel, or service provider to Onna. By providing granular user and access levels, you can easily work on eDiscovery and share relevant data to the case in real-time.

  • Real-time Access

    Set your sources to continuously sync data to maintain and access up-to-date versions of all your information at all times.

  • API Based Connections

    We offer connections to the most popular collaboration & productivity tools, ensuring you extract all available data and metadata, as well as preserve edited and deleted content.

  • Export to Review

    We give you the ability to export from Onna to review platforms, like Relativity, Logikcull, and Everlaw. You can also export data in dat, csv, or custom text files.

TransPerfect Legal Solutions

“In the past, we would rely on manual exports from the cloud software’s interface, which usually took considerable hours that we would bill to the client hourly. With Onna, we have more predictive costs and can offer the client better estimates.”

Joe Pochron | President of Forensic Technology & Consulting

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