Onna started its operations in 2015. Our founding members, who had worked together in the past, were scattered across Research Triangle Park, NC., Barcelona, Los Angeles and San Francisco. For mainly family reasons, many of us couldn’t move at first. As a result, we spent more time on Google Hangouts and Slack than we’d like to admit.

Our focus from the beginning has been on creating highly scalable software benefiting from the latest advancements in technology, like elastic storage, micro services and machine learning, so everyone who joined was on the development side. It wasn’t until we reached 20 some people that we started looking at hiring other roles.

One of the difficulties we started experiencing, especially between the West Coast and Europe, was the brutal time difference. When you get to the office at 8am in San Francisco, people in Europe were already nearing the end of their day, which means everyone started very early and ended very late. This was one the major catalysts in re-evaluating where our HQ should be.

We may still be working crazy hours, but we’re communicating a lot more. New York has so far been an incredible place for us, encompassing everything our growing team needs. From amazing public transportation to complete international connections, from a strong startup community to several potential Fortune 500 customers, New York is a beautiful place to be.

The HQ move meant that many key members of the team have relocated to NYC, including our CEO, Salim. We also welcomed our Head of Sales, Russ Grant, who has an extensive background in enterprise software with Dropbox and IBM.

Stay tuned as a lot of exciting things are happening at Onna. We take this opportunity to thank our customers, who have been rooting for us from the beginning through thick and thin. We couldn’t get to this point without you!

Upwards and onwards!


The Onna team