Are You in Control of Your Data?

Knowledge management is broken. More and more hours are spent helplessly searching for important files across an organization’s data environment.

Onna makes it easy to centralize and index all your enterprise knowledge across applications for superior search, sharing, and collaboration. Grab data by the horns with enhanced machine learning technologies to deliver faster data classification and predictive search.

Greater Than The Sum of All The Parts

Connect enterprise knowledge through a centralized data layer integrating disparate apps like Slack, Quip, Confluence, and JIRA. Immediately access knowledge across your organization with powerful search capabilities for better visibility in all your enterprise data.

API-Based connections

API-based connections to the most popular apps ensure you extract all available data and metadata, as well as preserve edited and deleted content from each data source.

Continuous Syncs

Easily set your sources to continuously add future data from a myriad of applications for greater visibility and control over your enterprise data.

Historical Data

Preserve historical data by collecting directly from each source. Defensibly collect and process data within a specific date range to collect only what you need.

eDiscovery Grade Processing

Onna processes 1000+ file formats like images, video, and audio files. Embedded items of up to 15 levels are extracted from each file. 

Multi-Language Recognition

Onna processes and indexes all languages with scripts in unicode, so you can search content in any language and foreign characters.

Advanced Searches

Use text modifiers, run proximity searches, or build boolean searches across your enterprise data to find exactly what you need across multiple platforms.

Workspaces & Collaboration

Build on internal knowledge by centralizing useful information into specific workspaces and inviting users for cross-functional team collaboration and search.

User-based permissions

Manage levels of security for users for protected access to sensitive data across your organization. Provision what data sources each users can access, as well as permissions within each workspace.

Mass labeling documents

Make search easier with mass labels for better data organization and targeted searches. Identify information quickly and easily filter through massive amounts of disparate data.

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Deploy at scale

Onna is built with the latest containerization systems to scale with your needs and can be deployed globally

Container technologies

Onna leverages the latest containerization system technologies and orchestrated deployment systems to ensure our platform scales with you.


Onna offers a Single Sign On (SSO) integration through SAML 2.0 allowing you to leverage your existing user base and authentication mechanism.

Global deployments

Onna can be deployed in our cloud or your private cloud. As long as you can access Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure, you’ll be able to access our platform.

Security at our Core

Onna has numerous attestations from third-party industry leaders and adheres to industry-accepted best practices and standards defined by NIST 800-53, SANS and OWASP, ensuring your data is safe at all times.

Security & Compliance

The core mission of Onna is to give our customers insight into their data in a safe and secure environment. We follow a software development process that includes security at its core.

Onna is SOC 2, Type II and ISO 27001 certified.

Third-Party Integrations

We use OAuth 2.0 protocol to connect to third-party data providers, such as Gmail and Slack. We’ll never ask for credentials to these services and will securely store the authentication token generated by the service when you authorize our access.

Data Encryption

We encrypt data while in transit and at rest. Data is stored on encrypted storage volumes. Transport Layer Security (TLS v1.2) protocol is used to secure all communication between the desktop and web client to the backend servers.

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