Onna makes the process of sharing, using and managing your organization's knowledge and information seamless.


Ready access to relevant information through powerful search

Do you often find yourself searching across multiple systems? You will no longer need to with Onna. Our search functionality has been built to satisfy the most demanding of queries. Unlike many platforms, all your files are fully and automatically indexed, ensuring your searches are thorough and effective.


A true enterprise product deployed on-premise or in the cloud

We're flexible - we'll work with you in whichever environment you choose. You can install the machine-learning powers of Onna as an on-premise application to your own servers, with no internet dependencies, or deploy it in a private cloud infrastructure


Compliance made easy

How is your organization keeping track of contracts with specific provisions? The most common answer is an Excel file that manually tracks which contracts contain these provisions, and what language is used in each, but auditors seek additional assurance that all such instances of these provisions are captured. Use Onna to identify and keep track of all necessary files and make sure audits are a breeze (or as easy as they can be). 

Simple and efficient on-boarding for new employees

Getting new colleagues up to speed on matters that concern them can be quite difficult, especially when there are time pressures involved. Imagine the value that could be generated if each employee had immediate access to the relevant knowledge and experience of the entire company? We'll let you decide what is relevant for them and make the process of them getting up to speed easier with our focused workspaces.