Master eDiscovery and Data Preservation Across Emerging Platforms

Onna provides effective eDiscovery 

and data preservation for the most 

widely-used applications

Challenges for eDiscovery and data preservation

While these tools greatly improve productivity, their quick adoption poses major challenges to data-centric processes.

Organizations must find defensible ways to collect, preserve, and search across their enterprise data. Not treating these platforms as sources of discoverable data can be detrimental to an organization's eDiscovery and compliance management plans.

On average, companies use over 1,000 applications

Massive amounts of information are being created and shared across these different tools.

These platforms allow users to chat, collaborate, create and share files - rendering highly dynamic and ever-growing data sets with potentially discoverable data. However, over 90% of these applications are not "enterprise-ready" and do not have built-in compliance features.

Onna's Master Guide to eDiscovery and Data Preservation for Emerging Platforms

Learn how to effectively conduct defensible data collections and preserve data across Slack, Confluence, Jira, Zendesk, and Quip.

Onna is the solution to this challenge

  • Conduct defensible eDiscovery collections

  • Preserve data in its original format, including attachments and available metadata

  • Collect edited and deleted messages or tickets

  • Create a continuously syncing, centralized repository of your enterprise data

  • Run advanced search queries across your enterprise data in a single platform

  • Initiate legal holds across multiple users, workspaces, and/or channels

  • Setup smart alerts to notify each time key clauses or terms are found throughout your enterprise data

  • Export native files and attachments in a custom load file and upload it to document review platforms.

By connecting directly with these apps,
Onna lets you:

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