Ways to Get Started with Onna

Onna lets you conduct eDiscovery collections, index, and process data found scattered across some of the most popular applications, like Slack, Confluence, or Sharepoint, in one centralized searchable repository.

Need to use Onna for one-time data collections? Onna has a network of partners to help you with your project. Get in touch so we may refer you to our partners and kickstart your collection.

Some of our Customers

Join these cutting-edge companies using Onna to enhance their eDiscovery and knowledge management strategies

Joseph Pochron, President, Forensic Technology & Consulting at TransPerfect Legal Services

“Onna is the best option for the collection, processing, and review of Slack data”

Check out how TransPerfect uses Onna for their Slack eDiscovery collections.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Onna deployed?

Onna can be deployed as a SaaS product or in your private cloud. We also integrate with SAML & SSO services, like Okta, GSuite or Active Directory.

How much does Onna cost?

We offer both usage-based or per user pricing to scale up or down as needed. 

Can I use Onna for legal hold or data preservation?

When syncing a new data source, Onna offers three types of sync modes: auto, one-time, and archive. If you select archive, you'll ensure you always maintain a preserved copy of your data on Onna. For example, if you add your Dropbox account, choose the archive sync mode, and delete a file from your Dropbox, that same file will be preserved on Onna.

How does Onna work?

Onna connects directly with each source's API to extract all available metadata and data. After the connection is made, data begins syncing and undergoes a layer of processing and OCRing, rendering a searchable and indexed repository of your data, including audio and video files. You can begin searching immediately within Onna or export the relevant files onto a review platform.

What if I need just a one-time eDiscovery collection?

We offer usage-based pricing or can refer you to our Partner Network to assist you.

Can Onna collect from behind the firewall?

Yes, we offer Onna Bridge, a Windows and MacOS based application that connects to these services directly. Onna Bridge synchronizes directories to Onna’s processing servers.