Zoomtopia 2021: Exploring the power of Zoom Chat APIs

This year, we were delighted to present at Zoomtopia 2021: Zoom’s annual customer celebration. Taking place virtually, this year’s theme was “The Imaginarium,” which highlighted all the ways companies have used Zoom to embrace change, enable hybrid workforces, and continue to grow in the face of immense challenges.

Our very own Jonathan Golad, Product Manager and a founding member of Onna, led a session on the power of Zoom chat APIs with Ojus Save, Developer Advocate at Zoom. Here’s what we learned:

New growth at Zoom brought new responsibilities for its developers

It’s no secret that the shift to remote work sent Zoom adoption rates through the roof. As users adjusted to their everyday usage of Zoom, so did the developers behind the platform. “We started to receive a lot of new use cases,” said Ojus. “Our focus was on providing developer solutions to this new customer base, leading to the launch of developers.zoom.us, devsupport.zoom.us, and our enhanced API solutions.” 

Thanks to thorough documentation, open APIs, and supportive developer advocates, Zoom makes it very easy for engineers to build solutions that can help customers — something our engineers at Onna took advantage of.

Having a collection strategy for Zoom is critical in the virtual workforce

As the new boardroom, classroom, doctor’s office, and more, Zoom is the epicenter of critical business information. As we look toward the end of the pandemic, eDiscovery investigations and litigation are beginning to pick up steam — and Zoom meeting data is now a relevant piece of the puzzle. “It is important for people to get access to this information in a reliable, timely, and repeatable fashion,” said Ojus. “If not, it becomes very costly for the company.”

This is the exact problem Jonathan and his connector team here at Onna began to tackle. “We connect to all of your favorite apps including Zoom, and unify that information into a single platform making it easily searchable.” Currently, our product can collect everything from audio and video recordings of meetings to in-meeting chat and even transcripts of meetings.

We all know Zoom meetings, but what about Zoom chat?

More and more Zoom users are expanding their use of Zoom beyond just video conferencing into chat, meaning the need for a Zoom chat collection tool is rising. Luckily, Zoom offers enhanced chat APIs that can be used to mirror most of the operations in the Zoom app. Onna has been able to leverage these APIs in our integration currently in development. It will help our customers:

  • Collect lists of channels a specific user is a member of, giving them the ability to choose whether they’d like to sync one channel, a couple of channels, or all of them into the Onna platform.
  • Collect all chats from one user or multiple users of their choosing.

We’re proud of these product enhancements with Zoom chat, and are looking forward to strengthening our product even further as Zoom’s APIs evolve.

We loved being a part of this year’s Zoomtopia and are looking forward to what the future holds. If you’d like to see our Zoom connector in action, you can learn more about it here.