Webinar: Building a Proactive eDiscovery Plan in the Age of Emerging Applications

From communication tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, to collaboration tools like Box, Dropbox, and GSuite, organizations across the globe are relying heavily on cloud applications to get their work done. This is causing enterprise data to grow at an accelerated rate, posing new challenges to legal teams. How are we to understand these changes? What implications do they have for eDiscovery? And how do you build a proactive eDiscovery plan in the age of emerging technology? 

Tune in to this 60-minute webinar hosted by Legal Operators, featuring Wendy Weber, Sr. Paralegal at Dropbox, Robert Brownstone, Technology attorney, and our very own Enterprise Success Lead, Allison Keane. You’ll learn about:

  • The importance of a proactive approach to eDiscovery 
  • Data and technology inventories & data hygiene
  • Best practices for retention and preservation
  • Legal & IT collaboration.

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