Legalweek 2022

Top trends and insights from Legalweek 2022

For those that missed last week’s Legalweek 2022 event, the Talking Heads song “Once in a Lifetime” immediately springs to mind, as many that were not able to attend have asked “was it the same as it ever was?”

Most of the attendees remarked that this conference was the first in-person event that they attended in over two years — the last being in March of 2020 just before the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns began in New York City. With two years having gone by, people were energized and refreshed to be back, and the conversations that flowed were illuminating of the ideas that had come up during our time away from each other.

Key Takeaways from Legalweek 2022

The conversations and sessions that took place ranged from judges debating “hypothetical” cases (based on cases that really happened) to data ethics and various discovery, information governance, and artificial intelligence trends and best practices. How eDiscovery is evolving and helping ease challenges in the space was a big discussion heard throughout the conference, as we move away from email and into newer data sources.

One key issue that has proliferated throughout the industry over the course of the past few years are pain points brought forth due to the Great Resignation. As companies and firms address the departure of employees, the importance of a centralized, search-ready repository is more prevalent than ever. Traditionally, when employees leave a company, employers lose a heap of business knowledge, expert matter, and experience that the former employee takes with them.

And as these employees leave in droves, they are taking with them key knowledge that cannot easily be replaced or even found, which brings up the necessities of curated libraries to help store this valuable information. To retain and protect knowledge within the organization, companies are leaning on technology to unify and preserve their information to support better decision-making and maximize employee knowledge sharing.

Onna Happenings at Legalweek 2022

From an Onna standpoint, things were definitely not “same as it ever was” — this happened to be our biggest Legalweek event ever! Below are some of our most notable highlights.

Onna eDiscovery In-place Preservation

We kicked off our participation in this year’s conference with the announcement of our new In-place Preservation feature. The ability to preserve data within the source application was an exciting new capability to be able to share with Legalweek attendees!

The Great Resignation: What Does This Mean For Your Data?

As mentioned above, this was a hot topic among attendees. Our Industry Principal, Scott McVeigh, took the stage with Tim Anderson of FTI Consulting and Paul Renehan Jr. of Epiq for an engaging panel session on the following:

  1. The rise of cloud solutions (before and during the pandemic),
  2. Data proliferation and the risk cycle of emerging cloud solutions, and
  3. The acceleration of employee turnover, knowledge drain, data exfiltration, and how it’s disrupting the legal industry. (We will also be discussing this topic in an upcoming webinar in the next few weeks.)

10 Questions for $10,000 Contest

We announced the winners of the contest on Thursday, March 10th, at our booth and gave away a total of $10,000 to three lucky winners who entered the contest — and learned a little bit of educational knowledge in the process. Congrats to the winners!

While the conference may be over for now, the conversations that took place will stay with us and provide a great high-level look at where the industry is and where it is headed.

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