Onna and Infinia ML

Onna partners with Infinia ML to power custom use cases

How do companies unlock value trapped in unstructured data? 

The proliferation of unstructured data in our new, more collaborative and distributed work environment has created hurdles for businesses. It’s increasingly difficult to govern this information, find it quickly, and harness its potential to deliver broader business value. 

To help address this challenge, we’re excited to announce our partnership with Infinia ML, a provider of intelligent document processing and insight solutions. This partnership will apply Infinia ML’s machine learning technology to the centralized and indexed collaboration, communication, and content application data in Onna, so that enterprises can discover knowledge and take action to mitigate risk, reduce cost, and drive growth.

Enabling knowledge discovery with machine learning

Onna accelerates the discovery of knowledge, empowering businesses to gain valuable insights from the growing amount of fragmented information that exists across today’s workplace applications. With connectors to many of the most popular workplace applications, including Slack, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Dropbox, and Zoom, Onna holds a lot of data. By embedding Infinia ML’s machine learning within Onna’s Knowledge Integration Platform, this data can be processed in seconds to uncover valuable insights, unlocking new capabilities for customers to solve custom business challenges, from contract classification and personally identifiable information (PII) detection, to sentiment trend analysis, entity extraction, and more.

The initial phase of the partnership will enable Onna to deliver new contract discovery capabilities, giving customers a faster and more cost-effective way to discover, collect, and intelligently process large volumes of contracts from multiple sources in one place.

Creating a steady stream of insights from contracts

Contract management is a critical function for any business, but you can’t manage what you can’t find. When it comes to contracts, partnering with Infinia ML gives customers a competitive advantage by helping them more quickly and cost-effectively identify and mitigate contract-related risks. Purpose-built machine learning from Infinia ML classifies contracts using intelligent document processing to quickly extract information, such as:

  • Contract type 
  • Executed vs. drafted agreements 
  • Jurisdiction 
  • Renewal terms 
  • Commercial value 
  • Parent-child relations

From there, rapid search in Onna allows IT, legal, and corporate development teams to accurately pinpoint the information they need, whether it’s for a new contract lifecycle management (CLM) tool, a need to find contracts across multiple CLM tools or repositories, or rapid turnaround requirements related to corporate transactions or regulatory requests.

Extending Onna’s platform capabilities to power custom use cases 

This partnership is the latest example of our platform strategy, which extends Onna’s capabilities by enabling technology partners to integrate with Onna and build new workflows or applications on top of the platform.

“Onna is designed to provide an open platform that we, our customers, and our partner ecosystem can build upon to deliver next-generation solutions that businesses need to unlock value trapped in unstructured data. Our vision has always been centered on helping enterprises make their data useful, accessible, and private, and continuing to leverage the strengths of technology partners will be key to achieving it.”

Kelly Griswold, Chief Operating Officer at Onna

We’re so excited about the possibilities this collaboration presents, and we can’t wait to strengthen our offerings in the future by partnering with more leading technology companies to drive a better experience for our customers.

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