Onna extends data-hosting services to the UK

We’re delighted to announce that we have launched a UK-hosted instance of our platform to meet the needs of organizations operating in the United Kingdom. 

This is a very exciting milestone as it enables us to host data in the UK while ensuring we meet the stringent standards of the region’s data residency and data protection regulations, such as GDPR. Businesses with operations in the UK will now be able to utilize our platform’s powerful connectivity and data management functions, safe in the knowledge that their data is being hosted in the same country.

The goal is ultimately to provide our customers with more choice. If they do not wish to have data transferred to the US for processing or hosting, they now have the option to use our UK instance. This will allow customers working on eDiscovery and data management projects in the UK the ability to undertake this work without having to worry about the legal implications of transferring any data to the US.

This is the first regional instance of our technology outside of North America and our offering to a more international customer base. In addition, customers that have business operations in the UK will now be able to extend their relationship with us and use the technology to address challenges outside of their US locations.

The addition of the UK operation will be available from February 2021 and will be hosted in the Google Cloud Platform region in London. For more information, get in touch!