Early Access to Onna Compliance

We’re now offering early access to our latest product, Onna Compliance. Built with compliance conscious teams’ biggest pain points in mind, Onna Compliance aims to help users automatically and continuously search, classify, understand, and control sensitive data in a way that ensures compliance across their organization.

Whether that means having ultimate visibility into what sensitive information is being shared or keeping up with rising regulatory policies like GDPR, CCPA, PCI, and more, Onna Compliance helps you gain visibility into your data like never before. Here’s how:

Core Features

Smart Actions: Set rules and alerts across all of your tech stacks and create situational triggers to automate the initiation of workflows in other applications such as Slack, ServiceNow, and Jira.

Hypothetical workflow: 

  1. Employee shares a social security number in a Slack direct message. 
  2. Onna detects this as a potential violation and triggers a Smart Action. 
  3. The Smart Action deploys email to an admin user regarding this infraction, with key pieces of information. 
  4. The admin user reads the email and clicks the link that drives them to a dashboard.
  5. The user verifies whether the alert is accurate or a false positive. 
  6. Once verified, the user will have actions associated with each alert. 

Automated Reporting: Receive detailed reports daily, weekly, or monthly to monitor activities and adhesion to your policies. 

Entity Detection: Highlight specific entities such as text, numbers, or photos, giving you relevant context to better understand why something has been detected and flagged. 

Categorization: Assign different severity levels to each type of smart action customized for your organization. 

Image Object Recognition: Detect images containing sensitive information including passports, IDs, credit cards, tax forms, and more. 

As we expand and improve upon our product experience, we value feedback from our customers and friends. If you have any questions or are ready to give Onna Compliance a try, feel free to reach out to us.

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