About us

Our Mission

To make your information accessible, useful, and private.

Onna is a Knowledge Integration Platform that continuously and automatically connects to the most popular applications, to find content anywhere it may be, preserve high value knowledge and get notified when something important appears across your enterprise data.

Built with security and privacy in mind, at Onna, we believe data is powerful and should stay with those who own it. No one should have access to data they are not supposed to see.

Our Story

We believe in connecting people through their information

In 2015, a small group came together with one goal: to make information accessible, private, and useful. The popularity of workplace and productivity tools means more information is siloed in different places making it time-consuming to search between applications.

Today, Onna helps organizations collect and preserve data in a defensible manner for eDiscovery, archiving, and enterprise search. Tomorrow, Onna strives to bring everyone’s disparate data into a single searchable repository.

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