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About us

Our mission

We launched Onna to solve one of the monumental data challenges of our time: how to make everybody's proprietary information accessible, useful, and private. Large organizations use on average 175 apps for daily work tasks. But as these apps proliferate, they easily become separate, siloed stores of data. Our biggest goal is to help business and IT leaders make sense of the vast amounts of information in their organizations and turn that information into knowledge.

We believe that software should allow us to be productive and knowledgeable with significant competitive advantage to be gained for those that can achieve both. We also believe that the ability to secure your own data and keep it private, should be guaranteed at all times.

Our story

  • Knowledge Integration Platform

    We started building the world's first Knowledge Integration Platform, where all of today's dominant apps - and their successors - could be connected to a central, responsive, and intelligent repository whose goal was to generate knowledge.

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  • Starting with eDiscovery

    The first solution on our platform was an eDiscovery tool for legal and IT professionals that helps teams make sense of the mountains of information needed in official proceedings such as litigation, internal investigations, and audits.

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  • Other Solutions

    We knew that building a solution that worked for the most onerous, meticulous, and urgent use case - the legal discovery process - would set us up with a solid foundation on our journey to build a Knowledge Integration Platform.

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The way we interact with technology in the future will undoubtedly be much more personalised than it is today and based on knowledge gathered from our data. Onna was created to help accelerate knowledge extraction from a sea of data, make that knowledge work for the people that own it, and most importantly keep it safe and private.

Salim Elkhou | Founder and Chairman

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